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Facts You Need To Know About Waist Training
Facts You Need To Know About Waist Training

I hear a lot of talk around my friends about wanting to lose weight via waist training- While this is a noble idea, there are many facts most people aren't fully aware of when they start that lead either to them using the waist trainer the wrong way or not giving it enough time to do its magic. Both lead to frustration.

Waist training is as old as the hills and has been around in different forms over the centuries. Waist trainers, however, have taken resurgence lately through the IG posts of some celebrities like Amber Rose. As a result, many women have leaped onto the bandwagon and want to see their waist to turn into wasp waists like the ones they so much admire in their favorite celebrities.

The waist is the area above your navel and just under your rib cage. It is specifically under your diaphragm. When taking your waist measurement, make sure you take them at this area.

Women who tend to wear low fitting jeans and such should also know the measurement of the area just below the navel, which is where their jeans reach.

There’s an idea that women tend to aspire to and men tend to get attracted to as far as waists are concerned. The size of the waist doesn't actually matter in looking beautiful as much as the ratio of the waist to the hips. The magic number, in this case, is 0.7 and women with this waist to hip ratio are considered to have beautiful figures. You should aspire to this ratio no matter what size you are and it will take off a lot of the headache associated with waist training.

You might also want to wear a waist trainer simply to lose belly fat and might be doing it in conjunction with exercises so you lose fat in other parts of your body as well. If this is the case, then your aim is probably to be smaller overall and not just to reduce your waist. Whatever the reason you're interested in waist training, however, there are some things you need to know:

How Waist Trainers Work

Waist trainers compress your body and generate a kind of heat producing process known as thermogenesis which produces a lot of heat and makes you lose a lot of water. This translates to you losing weight of course. If you use the waist trainer for a long period of time at a high frequency, for example daily, it has been found that the trainer will actually squish some organs and displace others in order to make your abdomen tinier. Whether this is permanent however is yet to be known.

Waist Trainers and Size

When buying a waist trainer, don't be fooled by the argument that a waist trainer many sizes smaller will deliver the best results. For the waist trainer to work as intended it should be the appropriate size and you should feel comfortable wearing it.

Make sure you know your waist measurements well and purchase a waist trainer built for that size range. Getting something extremely small may actually have adverse health effects.

The Importance of Patience

For you to see the best results from your waist trainer, you should wear it for between 8 and ten hours a day, every day. However, you shouldn't rush to achieve these numbers. Start with a few hours a day and work your way up. By the time you get to the capability to keep the trainer on for such extended periods, your body should be well adapted to it.

You Still Need to Exercise

A waist trainer is not a substitute for exercise. If you don't eat well and exercise then a waist trainer will be practically useless as far as losing weight is concerned. Additionally, not exercising your muscles and nourishing them while wearing a waist trainer will lead to them losing shape and possibly getting damaged.

Get Ready to Have a Reduced Appetite

One of the side effects of having a waist trainer constantly squeezing your stomach is that you're likely to eat less. This means you'll have to be extra careful to make sure you’re eating enough to meet your daily caloric needs. On the flip size, a reduced appetite is a good thing for weight loss.Waist trainers aren't a magic belt we can wear and just lose belly fat. You need to make sure you do it the right way for the best results.

Take these tips into consideration and you’re likely to gain more out of your waist training regime.